Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ah the joys of bargain hunting

Finally the Christmas season (and the extra working hours) is over.  I was able to start working on my coupon shopping again.  Today's bounty included: 4 Hormel microwave dinners (39 cents each); 5 Hormel sandwich makers (also 39 cents each), 12 Red Gold tomato products (9 cents each); 9 bottles of Ibuprofen (24 count) that were 49 cents each.

Blessings, Laura

Monday, December 10, 2012

Morning thoughts during a bus ride

Just some of the random things that go thru my mind while riding the bus to work.

#1 My boss must hate me to make me get up this early.
#2 Oh mercy these kids are so awake and loud.
#3 Oh this bus is nice a cozy warm on a cold morning.
#4 Oh look ducks down sitting on the river.  Which leads to do their bottoms get cold?
#4 What a nice picture that shot of the old lever style bridge with the High Level bridge in the background. (That will wait until Spring.)
#5 A new Mexican restaurant just opened.  (As the tummy starts to grumble)
#6 pretty artwork in the Hispanic area.
#7 The city really needs to upgrade Broadway - lots of potholes.
#8 The zoo is so pretty and hopefully they have left one or two strings of lights on.  By the way they didn't after all it is after 9 am.
#9 the park right across the street from the zoo is empty.  During the Spring, Summer and Fall it is so full that to have a table you must get to the park and stake your claim by 9 am.
#10 The bus goes on down the road, twisting and turning and stopping to drop off people.
#11 We drive by one of my co-workers apartment and I wave hi but she doesn't wave back.  Could it be that she is not out but in her nice warm apartment?

#12 the ride is over and its my stop.  time to get into work and start my day.

Blessings, laura