Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and I'm a wimp

Ok my age is really showing - I only stayed out for 1 1/2 hours. Come on its 45 degrees and the wind is blowing!!!
Good news is that we have had more kids than we did last year which is a plus.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

House project day

This is what the yard looked like at 10 am today. Fog!! And I have been envisioning how the yard and field would look with fog. I knew it would be beautiful and it was as good as I thought it would look.

I don’t know how it happened but both Greg & I worked on house projects today.
I ventured into Home Depot yesterday to get the plastic and duct tape that Greg needed to cover our windows. I couldn’t decide between buying the kits (premeasured plastic) or buying 1 large sheet and letting Greg cut it down to sized. Being that the kits were too small, the large sheet won and seems to be working well. Although it appears that I bought cheap tape and it may or may not hold up until April.

So Greg’s house project was covering windows.
He aimed to do 4 but got 6 done - one whole side of windows. Only 6 more to go!!! Now I hope that it will help cut down on the electric usage this heating season.

Oh he also started the day by raking the leaves from Miss Maple in back. Problem is Miss Maple had green leaves 4 days ago – today they are all yellow and nearly all out of the tree. Our next leaf pickup is not until Nov. 24. So yes we have a nice clean yard but look at what is sting in the back just calling some nice sweet little hoodlum!!! Oh well Greg takes pride in a nice clean yard and understands that boys or girls will be children. Question is will it be the 4 year old boy next door or the 43 year old woman that lives in Greg’s house that attacks that pile???

Now my projects included destinking the house and then again stinking it up. I could smell a strong kitty smell and went in search of finding it – and I did :( Problem solved and when I walk into the living room I can smell the scent of the scented trash bags!!!

Then I stank it back up by starting the sauerkraut!!! Yippee this is the last project from the garden.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Special refrigerator art

I "work" in my church's nursery on Wednesday nights and have been for about a year. I usually only have one little girl, R. We have fun cause she likes to do arts and crafts and we have 3 closets of supplies. Tonight her mother suggested that we waterpaint. I thought she was insane but Mom assured me that even if R got paint on herself everything would be fine. So we did!!!

R painted 3 pictures, I painted 2. R gave me one of her pictures to take home. I was/am very excited this is the first time she has ever shared with me - she usually takes everything home. I also got to hear all about how Mommy and her painted while I was gone. I got quite a lecture that I was gone and couldn't paint with her that time.
So here I share my special refrigerator art.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recipe review - Dilly Salmon patties

Taste of Home Healthy Cooking
Aug/Sept 2009

2 eggs
1 medium onion, finely chopped
¼ cup mashed potato flakes
¼ cup seasoned bread crumbs
1 garlic clove, minced
¼ tsp dill weed
1/4 tsp pepper
1/8 tsp celery salt
1 can (14 ¾ oz) salmon, drained, bones and skin removed
1 tsp olive oil

In small bowl combine first 8 ingredients.
Add salmon, mix well.
Shape into four patties.
In a large non-stick skillet coated with cooking spray.
Cook patties in oil over medium heat for 5 minutes on each side or until browned.

Results - the patties tasted very good but we could not taste the dill. With the flakes and the bread crumbs the patties did stay together quite nicely.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meal plan for this week and the shopping plan

Week of Oct 26 meal plans

Mon – Dilly Salmon patties (new recipe) - review will be coming
Tues – Chicken tacos (leftover chicken)
Wed – Greg is FFY/ I’ll eat potluck at church
Thurs – French toast
Fri – Greg FFY/ Me have a meeting and ordered a box dinner
Sat – Cheeseburger Pasta (new recipe)
Sun – roast and potatoes

FFY means Fend For Yourself – Baby Girl is not cooking. Now don’t feel bad for Greg as stand bys he has a choice of stuffed green peppers and a Hormel Entrée beef tips. And he is welcome to come to church and eat potluck

I have cereal, oatmeal, eggs and usually bacon or sausage for breakfast. Lunch we usually eat leftovers and sandwiches.

Shopping Plans
English roast BOGO
The following are part of the mega deal buy 10 get $5 off the order
Hormel pepperoni $2.99
2 Sweet Baby Ray sauce $1.49
Frank’s Hot sauce $2.49 (.50 coupon that will double)
Kotex $2.50 (2 - $1 coupon plus a $2/2 coupon)
Dannon Activa $2.29 (up from $1.88 3 weeks ago L) ($1 coupon)

Sauve for Men shampoo and/or deorderant 3/$5 - $2 RR (various coupons $.75 off deorderant and I think I have one for the men’s shampoo) = .25 deorderant (I can donate to the homeless shelter and my church’s food pantry).
Chap Stick fresh effects $2.99 - $2.99 RR = free!!!
Boy these would be great to roll between the 2 deals.

I can’t believe its not butter $1.29
Shredded cheese $1.49 (I like to stock up and store in the freezer)
Green Giant boxed veggies $.99
Martha White baking mixes $.88
Pillsbury Flour $1.99

Giant Eagle
The following are on sale 3/$5 plus buy 4 get a free Wilton 13x9 or cookie sheet (the pan will be part of the Christmas gift for my son and his girlfriend)
Betty Crocker warm delights - .50 coupon
BC Cookie mixes -.40 coupon
Nestle bagged candy $1.99 (B3G1f coupon)
Jimmy Dean items 4/$11
Top Care items 50% off ($.50 coupon)
Swanson broth 5/$3 plus buy 10 get $2 OYNSO
Nabisco cookies 2/$5 ($1/1 from Nabisco mailer) = .50
Grands 4/$7 b4 get free eggs (various coupons)
Energizer max batteries 25% off plus I have $.75 coupons
Comfort 3 razors $2.99 ($2.00 coupon)
Halls $1.00 (coupon)

Home Depot - yep while I am at Giant Eagle I need to stop and buy plastic for our windows. It's time to winter proof the home.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party

Tonight was my church's harvest festival. I was dressed as Mother Nature. This picture is my Dad, stepmom and myself.Lots of good food and fun times.
The entrance to the church we had to walk thru this blow up castle.

Our expecting couple - notice the baby skeleton.
Our church choir.
One of the groups that entertained us.

A not so good picture of the pirate family.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well the day started way to erly (4:59 am). Greg & I went to Kroger's today I got a bit upset at their prices. yesterday when I was at Meijer's I passed on the Fleischman's yeast (3 pack) strips ($1.37 - .80) and I would get a $.50 OYNSO (on your next shopping order) = so basically blessed near free. I thought the price would be cheaper at Kroger and I shop at Kroger nearly every week so it wouldn't go to waste. WRONG!!! They didn't have the 3 count strip they had 4 count for $2,27.

And that was after a stop at the pharmacy to check on the cost of filling a script - $25!!! for one month!!! I can get it filled at the clinic for $4!!! granted its a pain to go wait and get back on a bus but that's $21 in my pocket. I did tell the Pharmasist that it is cheaper at the clinic (I was hoping for a price match) but he didn't go for it.

i was so upset and disappointed that I got what I needed and left not much stockpiling. I did get some fairly good deals:
chuck blade roast (managers mark down) $5.21
a chuck steak (that we can split between us) $3.21
5 pounds of ground beef 80/20 for $8
a free packet of mashed potatoes (catalina from a previous trip)
2 bags of pecan halves (to use for baking and Christmas gifts DON'T LOOK LAURA!!!) $2.99 each
1 bag of walnut halves $2.99

Between coupons, double coupons and sale prices I only saved 30%. I read that next week they will be having another Mega sale hopefully that will be better for our house. Happy shopping :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ah back to shopping

I saw a note posted about the Meijer's one day sale tomorrow. That lead to checking the ad and only finding 2 items that I wanted. So I checked tghe regular ad to see what else they had - bingo. I was kind of putting off going due to some rain and it would take 2 buses to get there. Then I got a phone call "do you need a ride anywhere?" Yes do you mind going to Meijer's? Nope when do you want to go a bout 1:30? Sure

That was our park manager calling.

So I went with him to Meijer's. On the way he asked if 2 - 25 lb bags of Tidy Cawt litter for $4.95 was a good price. yes but I made it better and gave him 2 - $1 off coupons. So we went in (I was coupon support he uses them but was unsure of using 2 - he's new girls). I checked th eprice of the dry cat food $4.95 (better than WalMart) and I had $3 off coupons. So I got 3 bags of cat food and Bill got 2 bags of litter.

Meijers some of the best deals:

4 Totino's Pizza rolls .29 each. I did 2 with my order and Bill did the other 2 for me.

1 Hormel ready to eat entree $3.99 - $1.00 = $2.99; shelf price $5.99

1 Hormel Complete $1.98 - $2 = free no overage

1 Friskee's natural cat treat $1.89 - $1.89 = free
1 Hot Pockets $1.89 - $1 = $.89

I got several other items total saved was $21.54 and total spent $21.64.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 7 vacation

Greg & I in front of the Alamo - sorry I can't figure out how to turn the picture.

We checked out of the Crockett Hotel and into the Hampton Inn. Greg & I spent the day with my aunt & uncle. Aunt Joyce and Uncle Pat - the really cool couple that never seem to slow down. Aunt Joyce is my Mom’s oldest sister and the only remaining member of her family. They picked us up from the airport and took us to their condo. Uncle Pat is retired Army and they live in a military complex – Air Force Village 1.

We started out at their condo with some chit chat, family gossip and family sharing. Then we walked up to the main building for the grand tour. Aunt & Uncle showed us all around the mail building and introduced us to some of their friends. Uncle Pat showed us the walls of pictures of the women residents that had served in the military – a good number I’m betting about 50.

And just as Aunt Joyce mentioned that usually they have some kind of a sale on Tuesday we saw the sign – Arts & Crafts sale!!! Greg moaned and I was very excited. I did buy 3 different craft books but not much else. We only had so much room in the luggage to get everything home.

After the sale we ate lunch in the dining room. Really good food, a good assortment and it was fun seeing the other residents all gather around.

Then we walked back to the condo for more chit chat. Aunt Joyce shared her family pictures and the pictures of the quilts that she has made. 81 and she is still making quilts – she admits it takes longer but she does beautiful work. As she was going thru things she found some pieces of fabric that she gave me, a pillowcase that one of the family members needlepointed, and some old towels that her mother had made. She offerend them to me and yes I grabbed them real quick – such nice work and a nice piece of family history from my Great Grandmother. After a bit we had to return to the hotel.

Steve & Laura picked us up for dinner. A fun steak house called The Little Red Barn. Then we drove Downtown stopping along the way at an old railroad station. Funny thing – I am blind in the dark – Greg hopped out of the car and came around to give me the guiding arm.

Once we got Downtown we were treated to a horse carriage ride. Our horse was named Brandy and she had quite a personality. As we wandered around town the driver was giving us a small bit of history. As we turned to return to the starting point we spotted a bar – Logan’s Bar. I had to take a picture – my maiden name is Logan – and I gave my dad a good bit of ribbing about the family secret.

We ended the night with Hagen Daz ice cream.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

vacaation day 6

sorry still hurting so no pictures again.
We woke up and ate a quick breakfast at the hotels restaurant. Then Laura & Steve picked us up to visit the Missions. 5 different former fort type settlements in various stages of disrepair. There was also an aqueduct between 2 of them – it was also being restored but still an interesting place. We ate lunch at a charming German restaurant in the King William district. The owners of the house were/are owners of the Pioneer flour company.

After a rest spell at the hotel we decided to go over and take the RiverWalk boat tour. It was a nice 35 minutes ride around the RiverWalk. It started at the river level of the mall that I had visited yesterday and went around the horseshoe loop of the river. After the ride we got Chinese for dinner and Dairy Queen for dessert but we had to eat in reverse order due to no lids for our ice cream.

We are in for the night watching our Monday night shows an hour early!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vacation day 5

Sorry I am dealing with a migrane but wanted to make this post. I owe you pictures.

Greg was tired and decided to spend his day in the usual Sunday fashion – watching golf and sleeping. I was meeting Laura, Steve and Kat for brunch so I left a bit early to wander around. I again walked thru the Alamo took more pictures and went across the street to the tourist trap shops AKA souvenir shops. I found a t-shirt that will be perfect for my dad but they didn’t have the correct size. It was time to go next door for lunch so I left. Since I was early I had time to check out the jewelry store that kat had told us about. I bought a pretty shell bracelet for my Step Mom and an Angel ornament for my collection. We all enjoyed lunch and the usual gossip. We parted company with all of us saying goodbye to Kat as she was heading home the next morning.

I decided to return to the first store to ask about the correct size for my Dad. They didn’t have any but did give me a suggestion of where to go to for one. Into the mall!! Ugh double ugh. I went back to the room to check on Greg and to collect my courage. Friends I hate the mall and I have not been in one for 4 years. After checking in and leaving my umbrella I went to the mall. Thankfully the store I wanted was right inside the door I went in and they had the shirt & size I wanted. 2 gifts down 2 to go. I decide that the mall didn’t look or sound so bad (no teenagers) so I went in. 3 story mall but get this no big girl clothing stores!!! I continue to wander around I checked out Macy’s checking for great deals (found none I am very picky about the prices I will pay). I checked in the Disney store for Nemo items – my son is a 23 year old Nemo freak and I was looking for unusual items – none.

I left the mall after that and returned to the Hotel room. I talked with my Aunt & Uncle that live here and will be seeing them probably Tuesday. It was very important that I had the chance to see my Aunt. I think after a while I will go out and wander around the hotel – got to figure out what to do about dinner. After a rest we went to McDonald’s for dinner – hey full of fat, not so good for you but we like it, its close and cheap. We then wandered around the long way in front of the Alamo heading back to the hotel. Tonight some of the carriages were lit up and so pretty I got my picture. Oh a funny thing when we were walking to Mcdonalds. We spotted one of the horse eating a nearby tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it was but it had pretty purple flowers.

We came back to the hotel and watched tv for the night.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vacation Day 4 - the wedding

We woke up and instead of the hotel breakfast we walked to Denny’s (2 blocks away) for breakfast; Grand Slams all around.

We then took the time to walk thru the Alamo. We picked the perfect day to do it they were doing an reenactment of the fall of Alamo. We saw a few camping sites & some did have storytellers giving details about life during that time. We spent some time in the gift shop – so many things to look at. We bought 2 sets of Indian Arrowheads, a postcard (of San Antonio), a Christmas star ornament (metal design), since I collect miniatures and keychains one of each. Also what does every cookbook collector need? Another cookbook – TexMex recipes!!! Cutest little thing the recipes look good. There were some ladies (from the Daughters of the American Revolution) were giving different demonstrations: quilt making , lace making, outside there was a trader, a woman making yarn and then another lady with a wonderful German accent was demonstrating finger knitting. She wrapped the yarn around her fingers to create her project.
After a short rest and clean up break it was time for the wedding. They had chosen a small Non denomination church in the arts village La Villarta. The church is a quaint & small (seats maybe 100 people) with only one stained glass window. The Priest was a short, jolly, Hispanic descent man with a wonderful sense of humor. After the ceremony pictures were taken in the church, in front of the church and on a bridge overlooking the RIVERWALK. The reception was held at a Mexican restaurant – very nice set up the catering menu offered you the appetizer, 3 choices of entree and the dessert Coconut Flan. I got the Fajita entree and Greg got the Chicken entrée – both were very good

Fun shopping at the mall

Believe it or not but I went to the mall again today. Greg gave me $60 that he earned the other day and told me to buy some jeans with it. For paybacks I made him go with me (LOL).

We started by eating our nearly free lunch courtesy of Chik-Fil-A. Last week I had received a coupon for a free chicken sandwich. Then Chik-Fil-A is offering a free sandwich (Monday evenings only) for bringing in your Sunday church bulletin. We added 2 small drinks and an order of fries to complete the meal. If I remember right the free sandwich offer is good for the month of October.

Then with our tummy's satisfied we tackled the Mall. We passed Bath & Body works and I remembered the coupon tht I DIDN"T print off, walked past Build A Bear and remembered the coupon that I hadn't printed. We went to Lane Byrant (the big girls store) hey great day they had a sale on pants and jeans!!! $20 each pair!! good thing they cost $49.50 a pair!!
The salesgirl helped me figure out their sizing system - hey ladies I wear a size 4!!!! Well not for real but in Lane Byrant sizing I am a size blue 4. I got 2 pairs for $62.35. I know that sounds expensive but the jeans will last me a year hopefully 2 and I don't usually find nice looking jeans that fit me at Goodwill.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 3 The Bridal lunch and rehearsal party

Laura & Steve picked me up and we went to the luncheon. Laura set up the event in a different way. Us big girls; Laura, myself and card reader Tammy ate lunch while the bridal party ate a special lunch in a different room. The room was set up in a Mexican fiesta theme. Laura gave the girls a small piñata (I want a couple for myself and for the kids), a necklace, a stretch bracelet (meant to wear for the wedding), either a hat or funny socks and some candy.

After all were done eating the big girls joined the Bridal party for personal card readings. Ihad never had my cards read and was excited to hear what Tammy would say. I have to say I agree with all she told me but one card I am unclear about. Both Laura and I are still trying to figure that out.

We then picked up Greg and headed over to the clubhouse for the rehearsal party. Laura & Steve’s condo has a wonderful party room and we used that for the party. We set up everything and got the food all set up before the party people arrived. We even had time to wander around the pool area and check it out. There was a 2 part lake and 4 pools of various depths. Ducks were swimming all around and really unless you had food they really didn’t pay any attention to you.

Coming back to the hotel we again saw the carriages all lit up I have to take a picture of them beautiful. By the time we got back to the hotel we were worn out. Greg went down to the Bar for a drink and within 15 minutes I was out!! Hogging the bed!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

vacation Day 2

We woke up and decided to walk around the Riverwalk to check it out. The Riverwalk is a great idea and very beautiful. They arranged the river with a nice concrete border and bottom. I was told that this was for flood control. Well whatever the reason it is beautiful. There were plazas taken care of by various companies/groups such as our hotel. The plaza behind the hotel had a nice fountain with a pineapple centerpiece. There was also a metal mariachi band standing there in full color. We walked up as far as we could due to construction. As we were walking back to the hotel the riverboat barges passed us. They offer narrated tours of the Riverwalk – I hope that we can take one.

Laura & Steve picked us up for lunch and to get us to the new hotel. Lunch was at Hotel Menger a wonderful old hotel built in 1859. The dining hall was beautiful a bright yellow well lit room, HUGE. The food and service was great. They made omelets and waffles when you asked and I had a waffle made for myself. I love pecan waffles and asked her to add them to mine. It stuck to the waffle iron and the young lady was so sweet she wanted to remake it. I told her no and it got covered with strawberries, blueberries and whipped topping. You never knew it wasn’t perfect – it tasted perfect.

We then hit a local grocery store HEB for snacks and pop. Interesting store we had to enter thru the produce department. We were wandering around just amazed at the different produce such as all the peppers and get this so many different potatoes including purple ones!!! Huge pumpkins - bigger than what we see at home in the stores. For snacking we are definite potato chip fans, we tried a new flavor Salt & cracked pepper – Yummy!!!

Heading back to the hotel we drove thru Breckenridge Park. A wonderful huge beautiful park that we believe is the headwaters of the San Antonio River (the Riverwalk). It is also right next to the local zoo – we could see some of the different exhibits.

We then checked into the second hotel – The Crockett hotel. The room is great there are no curtains they use plantation shutters on the window and the closet doors. We are right across the street from The Alamo. We decided to walk around it tonight but started to late and it was locked up for the night. We walked to McDonald’s for dinner. We passed a nice waterfall plaza so we went back the same way so we could check it out. It was so neat different styles of waterfalls and pretty plants. We also interrupted a wedding – well we didn’t interrupt we just stared at the beautiful couple. The location was beautiful; water falling down stairs surrounding the steps of vegetation. The beautiful different trees with vines hanging under them.

As we were walking back to the hotel we were passed by the horse carriages. They were so wonderfully decorated and the horses were so big and handsome. They were stationed the block right before our hotel and we were able to pet a couple of them. One horse was a bit upset he was a beautiful black guy with a black carriage and he was wearing a cowboy hat. He was not interested in having any attention so he just turned away when I walked up and said hi to him.

We came back to the hotel for the night. I’m having a bit of trouble with the time change (San Antonio is 1 hour behind Toledo) all my shows are on at 7 pm instead of 8 pm. Oh but I did have fun earlier I found a different channel – SPEED. While watching I saw school bus (yes the yellow ones) demolition and Auto soccer

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Return from vacation

Well we are home from the trip to Texas. We had a wonderful time but I had computer issues and could not post. What I am going to do I post day by day the daily events and photos.

Vacation Day 1

Got to Detroit metro 2 hours early. I had done the early online check in on Tuesday, I highly recommend this. First step was security; grab a bin, put in laptop, grab another bin put in purse taking out the baggie with computer wires. Grab another bin; take off shoes. Make sure Greg has his get thru machine free card (he had heart surgery and has wires in his chest can’t go thru security systems. I forgot to take off my jacket so I got extra screening (oops). We gather our bins (5 total) and head to the seats to gather ourselves. Then Greg tells me that I should have taken the laptop out of the bag – oops #2. What can I say I’m excited!!!

Then what gate??? All we see are Delta gates – so I ask a very nice Delta Associate who gives me directions to Continental Airlines. Concourse B – thru the very long blue tunnel – it made me dizzy changing colors and designs. Oh by the way we are underground!!!. At the end of the dizzy tunnel is a HUGE escalator!!! No way am I walking up that thing?! At top I see a Wendy’s – btw stomach growls breakfast didn’t last long. First we find the gate – wonderful only 2 gates from Wendy’s. Trust me nothing was better than fresh French fries at 10:15 am!!!

We sit at the gate waiting for the plane to arrive and then the clouds clear slightly and the sun comes out. I wonder can I take a picture of the plane? I ask the gate attendants and yes you can.

We get on the plane – we were in the last row great seating except for the “stinky” people as they left the restroom (know what I mean?). Our flight was labeled as a snack flight. The snack was a sandwich about 2 inches long 1 inch wide mine was turkey, Greg had ham. A ¾ oz of Fritos, a can of pop and the most important item 4 blocks of a Hershey’s bar!!!

We had a lot of clouds over Mi & Ohio. We were able to see the Ohio river (border of OH & KY) it looked very neat with clean boundries. We passed another river that was jagged you could tell parts that flooded or were like swamp land. Then another river that again was neat and tidy looking. The USA is certainly beautiful from 30000 feet!! Lots of brown fields, green fields, river and creeks, homes and roads as we flew overhead.

As we circle around Houston the clouds were again heavy but no or little rain. The clouds looked like fluffy mounds of Cool-Whip. Then we get into Houston; while Greg went out for a cigarette I sat and people watched. Interesting people; the different cultures, different styles of dress, and the heels that some ladies were wearing. One lady had at least 3 inch spiked heels!!! My hats off to her. There was one couple that moved a seat of overstuffed chairs to one end of the walkway then a few minutes later they came back with what appeared to be the same chairs.

We get to San Antonio and get checked into the first hotel – Crown Plaza. Very nice hotel, wonderful desk clerks and a very expensive restaurant. We were given directions to several restaurants within walking distance and we did that. We were right on the Riverwalk but due to the lights (very little) we could not walk around it. We crashed into a great sleep.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shutting down for now

We are getting all ready for the trip to Texas. The dear husband has been ironing all morning - I think he just finished. The bags are packed except for the last minute things tomorrow morning. I hope to be able to post again tomorrow once we get to our hotel.

Yes the laptop will be joining us so I can keep posting.

God Bless and I'll be back in a couple of days.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More wedding pictures

Decided to post more of the pictures.
Us with Pastor Dan
My sister Vickie, her husband Jim, my brother Rob and his son Brandon
Greg and I cutting the cake.
The big boys, Zack (Vickie's son) is one the left and AJ (my son) is on the right.

Sunday October 4

Didn't do much today - kind of a wedding let down day.

Now we have to get ready for our trip to Texas, we leave on Wednesday. Packing, arranging for the care of our animals, cleaning up around the house. I need to write out the thank you notes in between everything else.

Dinner tonight is going to be some little beef steaks that I bought last week as a managers markdown special. I think I will make some noodles and gravy to go with them. Greg asked for peas and I think (I hope) I have some in the freezer.

Today was the first day of my new Sunday School class. This is my second time teaching previously I taught 2nd grade this time I have the college & careeer class (18 up to 30ish). There was only one girl today but I am hopeful that more will start attending. I have some ideas to get more attending but they will have to wait until I get back home.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blessed Day

Granted the day started early (5:01 am) and wet but it has turned into a wonderful day. You see today I married the man I love. I’ve been alone for 19 years since my first marriage ended – well not completely alone I had my son AJ. Mr. Gregory Peeples is the man that accepted me as I am – a hard headed, stubborn, independent woman.

The day did indeed start off with rain but sure enough it cleared in time to hold the wedding outside in the church fountain garden. The sun even came out for a bit to help make things sunny and warm.

Most of my loved ones were able to attend but 3 were missing; My niece Lauren (away at college) and my sister-in-law Shala (first day at her new job) and my Mom (passed away 4 years ago). Downside none of Greg’s family could come from Detroit.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Oct 1

Hard to believe that October is here already. Nothing much going on today just trying to get everything ready for our trip to Texas next week. Also taking care of the last minute wedding things.

Gentle reminder to please do the daily clicks for charity (see my blog list). And please if you do not have a pet shelter that you support please please please click on mine to help them out. They are a very good shelter and are doing their best to help the local cat population.

Paws And Whiskers Cat Shelter Inc.
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thank you have a good night.