Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The I love to shop at Rite Aid for free trip

One of our neighbors offered a ride (so he could pick my bargain finding brain) to Rite Aid today.

Store #1
Carefree pantiliners 99 cents – 50 cent manufacturer coupon = 49 cents
Reach toothbrush $3.99 - $1 manu coupon - $1 UPS = $1.99 Not a deal don’t ask me why I bought it.
Snapple diet peach – don’t know the price
3 Hormel completes $1.99 - $1 up (for each) - 55 cent manu coupon = 45 cents each (Great for Greg’s fend for yourself nights)

Total $4.99 got back $5 in UPS

Store #2
3 Carefree liners 99 cents each – 3 - 50 cent manu coupons = 49 cents each
1 Right Guard body wash $3.99

Used $5 in UPS and paid 93 cents cash got $3 in UPS back

Sorry camera batteries are dead so no picture.

Blessings, Laura

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well that was interesting

I did my first price matching at Walmart today and I had fun doing it!!!

We get an ad from a local mom & pop grocery store. I always look at it, they carry the kind of odd food that Greg likes. Two more pluses are that the store is near our home and they double coupons. Well I really didn't want to go there today or this week. But I was going to get my hair done next door to Walmart and a bell went off in my head. Price match!!!

So after checking with Customer Service, it took 4 people to find the answer to "Will you price match this price?"

So I paid 40 cents per box versus Walmart's 43 cents each and versus Krogers 49 cents each. Very happy and now I am really stocked on Jiffy Cornbread mix.

Blessings, Laura

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sorry for the long break

Can we say that I am so tired of winter!!?? but don't worry I'll be posting some snow pictures in the next couple days.

Have you ever received a piece of mail that just lifts your heart when you see the handwriting? Two people do this to me first Kelly and AJ Bears. then the second is my Aunt Joyce, how she can write so small and prim and proper is beyond me. But seeing that handwriting on the envelope means that I get a nice letter from her.

Today she sent a gentle scolding about going to LPN school and not giving up on that dream (I'm not just put it on hold due to finances) and pictures!!! I scanned them and am now trying to upload them but the first attempt didn't work (and it looks like the second is failing also). One is me at my baptism - I really need to tease my Aunt Peg about that 1965 circa hat!!! The second is of Aunt Joyce, Uncle Pat (her husband), Uncle Dan and my mom. the note says Dan came home for leave and bought sis (AKA my mom) a puppy and that she was living with Aunt Joyce & Uncle Pat at the time. Mom is just a young girl maybe 2???

I'll try to figure out what went wrong with the scans and post them at another time.

Off to write Aunt Joyce back.
Blessings, Laura