Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of 2009

Dear friends and anyone else that stop by to read today. 2009 has been a year of change some good (the new husband) some bad (the whole getting laid off bit). But I thank you for reading and your support over the past few months as I have started this blog.

So for my last post of 2009 I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy and Blessed New Year. May 2010 be your best year yet. Did you make your resolutions or set your goals yet? I have made my goals.
make your own bread
dehydrate some food
Can more food – pressure canning
Cooking more from scratch
expand the garden - it will almost double
grow & use herbs
buy local - looking for a co-op for next summer
Improve my blog - I keep trying I may have to hire my son or my nephew to change anything :)
Do some volunteer work
Organize a home diary
May you be blessed and loved, Laura

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shopping list for this week Dec 28

Shopping plans for this week

Playtex gloves 99 cents - $1 manufacturer coupon = Free
Colgate toothpaste $1 – 75 cent manufacturer coupon = 25 cents
Dawn dish soap 99 cents – 25 cent mc = 74 cents

I have 2 gift certificates to use up so this should all be free.

Rite Aid
Nyquil $4.99 - $2 Single check rebate (SCR) - $1.50 mc = $1.49. Plus for some reason I have in my head that there is a rebate for this but I can’t find it.
Kotex $2.99 - $2.00 SCR - $1 mc for overnights = possible free if I can match the coupon with the sale. I may pass on it for 99 cents – see the Kroger part to see why.
Reece’s valentine candy 2/$1.00 – B2G1free coupon = 3 for $1.00 plus I’ll have the wrapper for any future promotions they do and chocolate for my waistline.

I have a $7.49 refund check from the November rebates to cash so with that in mind I may need to buy the Kotex. Or I can pass on the Kotex and buy more toilet paper to use up the check.

Highlights (because the whole list is just to long.)

Chicken breasts (boneless/skinless) $1.99 pound
Kroger and several other stores are running P&G specials. This one has me dancing in my seat. Spend $25 and get $5 off at register.
Buy 3 Always pads at $5.50 each = $16.50 plus
2 Tampax at $5.50 each = $11.00
total is now $27.50
Get $5 off right then and there = $22.50
Minus 1 BOGO Always pad coupon from this past Sunday’s P&G insert - $5.50
Minus another BOGO Tampax coupon from same insert - $5.50
Remove another $11 off total for the coupons
Total for 5 necessary items is $11.50

Now some freebies or important coupons that I use up are and all expire 12/31:
Free Ronzoni Garden delight pasta . Honestly I’ll look at it and it may be added to my next pantry donation in 2 weeks.
John Morrell Off the Bone lunchmeat BOGO
Free uncrustables 4 pack
A Healthy Rewards (Kroger program in Midwest for milk products) free ½ gallon milk

I also need to buy 2 12 packs of Budwiser beer for a buy 2 get $7 back refund which will be just about BOGO.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mish mash Monday

Boy I had lots of irons in the fire today. I finished up some Christmas stitching - just in time to pack them away til next Christmas. These cute bear pillows will be ornaments once the ribbon is added. I have a total of 8 of these to complete.Then this cute Santa. Honestly the picture does not show how tall he is.Then I spent 45 minutes cutting squares for the sewing circle. Between the thickness of the material and the dull cutting blade it was tough going. I felt bad for cutting this fabric - it was given to the Sewing circle but is old (and in very nice shape) pillow covering. I wanted to keep it for my pillows but only kept 2 (and then they won't be for pillows). I will cut up the others for the quilts.

Dinner - kitchen sink pizza. Not sure how that sounds but I think better than clean out the frig before garbage pizza. Its leftovers from last week Christmas celebration. I'm very proud of it I emptied 2 containers and 5 plastic bags into a very yummy thick crust pizza. Pizza crust, spaghetti sauce (from Sunday) and chopped that leftover meatball, pepperoni & chunk Mozzerella cheese from last pizza, onions, green pepper and shredded cheese from last Wed tacos. Baked in a cast iron pan and yummy!!!
The ingrediants after.

The ingrediants before.

Thank you for reading and blessings to you

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sometimes you have to improvise

I wanted to sew today, I had the need to sew, iron, cut just do something. I found just about everything I needed to cut out Kelly's apron. I ironed the wrinkles, I matched up the sides (not fun to do alone), opened the pattern, laid everything out to find what I was missing. The pins to hold everything in place. I couldn't even find clothespins, no chip clips (they are all being used) so I improvised.

Finally a good use for vegetables!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Today was the final celebration the whole Logan family. We all met at my Dad's for lunch and presents. Due to a couple of family members with 2 parties we opened presents first then we ate.

This is my brother Tom with his gift from AJ & Kelly.
From left to right: stepmom Patti, Tom and the youngest brother Rob. Brother-in-law Jim and niece Lauren (picture deleated due to her rude behavior)
The tree with all the presents.

Family from left to right: Kelly (you all have met her before), Sister-in-law Shala (Rob's wife) and my man.
Family left to right: Rob, Taylor (his oldest), Anna (his middle child) and Brandon (his youngest) with his back to us.

One of the ornaments - I think the bear is cute. Yes Patti was watching me so he couldn't come home with me.

View of the tables left to right nephew Zack, AJ, Kelly, on the right is Lauren.
That's it I forgot to get a couple people but you all have seen Dad and Patti.
Christmas is over and now we can start getting ready for next Christmas. When does Target go to 75% or 90%???
Thank you for reading, merry Christmas and blessings for a wonderful 2010.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas celebration 2009

We had my son AJ, his girlfriend Kelly and my brother Tommy over for our own private party. We had lots of food and fun.

AJ & Kelly goofing off as she is opening a gift.
Simba enjoyed checking out the pile of wrapping paper.
My new retracting hose.

Greg got a new movie.

My Boo.

The new towels I had asked for.

AJ is a big Nemo fan and I found these wall decals this past summer. On his lap is his new ornament.

Tommy opening his bag of goodies.

Along with the kids comes the dog - Bentley. Him and Simba have not seen each other since early this past summer. At that time Ben was a baby and smaller then Simba - not so anymore. But they got along quite well and actually had fun together.

Kelly and Ben holding up her new ornament.

Worn out Simba just wanted a nice warm kind place to lay down.

Before the evening started I brought Tweet out to see everyone. Simba decided that Tweet is no fun to play with and layed down for a nap.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Living Nativity 2009

Sunday December 20, 2009 was my church's annual Living Nativity. this was my third year working and Greg's second year working. We were very lucky this year with some great weather - chilly at about 32 F degrees with just a few snow flurries.

This is the outside shot of our family's 3 wisemen left to right: Greg, my brother Tom and my Dad.

The inside shot of my 3 wise men: Dad, Greg and Tommy.

Greg getting his outfit.

Greg (have I mentioned he is one of my favorite photography subjects): once he is all dressed and ready to go.

Um someone had a role change and became an Angel for the night. Like how my black gloves got covered by the long sleeves of my clothes?
There were 2 rotations of navitivy crews - each crew stood outside for 15 minutes. One of the crews had a fill in Wisewomen!! My stepmom Patti ended up filling in (she's the short one on the right).
Another happening earlier during the morning church service was my family having the honor of lighting the candles on the Advent wreath. Below is my Stepmom Patti reading a verse.

The whole crew that came - 11 of us total. I am to the right of the Christmas tree, Greg is trying to hide behind my brother Rob (the tallest), my son AJ is to his right in the bright white shirt with his girlfriend Kelly next to him.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas visit to the cemetary

My sister and I made our Christmas trip to visit Mom at the cemetary. I made a simple wreath to leave for her.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Early Christmas Presents!!!

We came home after running some errands and saw 2 of these boxes on our front steps. I knew what they were - our Christmas gifts from our friends Laura & Steve.
The outside box
The contents of MY box. Greg was in such a hurry he opened his before I could snap his picture.

All my gifts opened and layed out: a shiny pen, a pin chushion, a scissors pin, a box of pins, a book of Christmas stories (with 3 being about angels), check out my blue angel (she is made of 100% natural ingrediants, oh and the little pin by the shiny pin and Merry Christmas tag (isn't that the cutest tag?) is the daintiest little vintage fly pin. Oh almost forgot the red (have I mentioned its my favorite color?) scarf. Can't wait to wear it with all my new pins scattered on it.

Me with my gifts:

Greg and his gifts: A Michigan hoodie and a bag of jerky (its yummy)

I think this is about the bestest box of gifts I have received in a few months (sorry Laura you can't top my birthday gift of an engagement ring). I'm putting it in writing for the world to see that this box was obviously gathered with love and care. Greg's was also - it took soem work for someone in Texas to find a Michigan hoodie.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hey Home Depot man!!!!

Remember some time ago when the home stores would advertise that they could match any color just bring in the object. So Mr (or Mrs) Home Depot paint mixer please match this!!
I have decorated our bath with rubber ducks. Lots of ducks (not all yellow) the last count was 51 ducks and I've added to that. The following are just a few of the additional ducks or things with ducks on them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday December 13, 2009

I'm getting a little bit of Christmas spirit back so today while Greg played my Transiberian orchestra CD I decorated the tree. Our poor little 3 foot white fake tree.

Normally I just reach in the totes and pull out whatever deocrations I touch. Today I think I am feeling nostalgic these ornaments were picked out with care and have many fond memories for me.

With that being said this is a new one. I've always wanted the shiny glass ornaments finally got 2 - this is a bear for my son AKA Bear.

In 2001 we were living in Baltimore Maryland and all our decorations were in Toledo. So we were given a really poor looking Charlie Brown tree and we made our ornaments. These are ceramic and my Mom painted them.

I made 4 of these stockings in 1984.

One year at church I would sit for an hour while Bear was in Sunday School. So while I listened to the choir practice I would stitch up the cute flannel stars - in 4 weeks I did 50 of them.

Not sure when these were done but they were painted by my Maternal Grandma.

This is Simba, the grump, he is displaying his displeasure at me not letting him play with a box.

I'm getting a little bit of Christmas spirit back so today while Greg played my Transiberian orchestra CD I decorated the tree. Our poor little 3 foot white fake tree.