Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well that was interesting

I did my first price matching at Walmart today and I had fun doing it!!!

We get an ad from a local mom & pop grocery store. I always look at it, they carry the kind of odd food that Greg likes. Two more pluses are that the store is near our home and they double coupons. Well I really didn't want to go there today or this week. But I was going to get my hair done next door to Walmart and a bell went off in my head. Price match!!!

So after checking with Customer Service, it took 4 people to find the answer to "Will you price match this price?"

So I paid 40 cents per box versus Walmart's 43 cents each and versus Krogers 49 cents each. Very happy and now I am really stocked on Jiffy Cornbread mix.

Blessings, Laura

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