Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its so sad outside

Another gloomy gray day here in Ohio. So I am pulling out some brighter pictures to cheer everyone.
Ok so I goofed but it still falls under the bright and sunny look I was going for. See the bright golden yellow circle on the boxes.
The view of our neighbors backyard just after the last ice storm. Something like 2 inches of ice and then 2 inches of snow on top of it covered by a thin layer of ice. It was fun crunching around on the snowy icy ground.

Kind of hard to see but Miss Maple has this lovely coating of ice on her. We were lucky she only lost 2 branches and they were so small that they will be kindling wood for the summer burning season.

Blessings and thank you for reading, Laura

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  1. Laura, the icy picture is beautiful. Cold, but beautiful! Hang in there..spring will hit Ohio before you know it.