Thursday, September 2, 2010

August freebies

20 free prints from Snapfish (TLC/facebook contest)
4 banana peppers from neighbor
eggplant from neighbor
4 Whiska cat food cans
bag of Doritos (Kroger special)
bag of Kroger brand chips (e-coupon/sale price)
Kroger coupons (freebie for mini carrots)
$5 Amazon gift card (Swagbucks)
4 Sobe drinks (game wins)
1 lb bag of mini carrots
packet Old El Paso taco seasoning
Photo calendar (coke rewards)
3 Reach floss
pint of cherry tomatoes
1-12 pk Pepsi (kroger special)
3 cans cat food 2 Whiska,
1 Fancy Feast
8 SOBE BOGO game coupons
$3 Pinecone payment
3 bell peppers (neighbor)
cookbook (farmers market)
free 12 pack Coke (coke reward)
bag of boneless,skinless chick breasts
1 bottle Sobe
can Whiskas cat food
$10 Walgreen's gc (Mypoints)
8 ct Walgreen's tampons

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