Thursday, September 30, 2010

The poor grocery cart

Hello everyone and thank you for standing by and waiting for me to be inspired.

I made a trip to Walgreen's and Rite Aid today
6 bottles of Tide detergent
2 bottles of Downy
1 box of Downy sheets
3 Dawn dish soap
and various other little things.

My grocery cart broke!! I was walking across a parking lot to Rite Aid and the wheel fell off!!! Right there on a parking lot!!! Clean fell right off. And it was a big wheel, do You have any idea how hard it is to push a cart with that much detergent in it? It wasn't easy.

Greg has his work cut out for him. Luck its an easy fix - Just a new pin to hold the wheel on.

Blessings from the clean laundry home, Laura

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