Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 2010 Free stuff

Lots of free stuff this month:
December freebies
can of Wolf chili
head of lettuce
free 2 liter of Big K (got coupon last month)
2 boxes of Barilla Pasta
free bag of Ande's baking chips (rebate)
brick of Kroger cream cheese (coupon found ins tore)
$3 Pinecone payment
$10 gc from TRU (promo deal)
10 first class stamps from Quadreaders
dividend check from Life Insurance
tin of nuts from Quadreaders
doz eggs (used Kroger coupon from last month)
can of Whiskas cat food
2 boxes of pasta
small bag of M&M's
$10 amazon toy code
sample pack of Playtex tampons
sample SalonPas heat patch
Free dox eggs (Kroger special deal)
2 bags of frozen vegis
4 boxes of Pillsbury toaster pastries (contest win)
$2 coupon off beef, chicken (Wishbone refund)
Kroger coupons (no freebies)
coupon train envie
Oxy clean clinical samples
$3 Pinecone survey payment
coupon for free bottle of Extra strength Excederin
Rite Aid single check rebate
Caregivers Marketplace rebate
2 coupons free 12 pack Coke (cokerewards)
sample Golean Crisp and coupons including a $3 off 1 should be a free or very cheap box
purse size tube of hand lotion
Avon lip balm
Ande's mint rebate
Little Ceaser's pepperoni pizza (from neighbor)
Seattle's best coffee sample
2 BOGO 2 liters Coke products (Recyclebank point turn in)
$5 Amazon code

Blessings, Laura

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