Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frugal lunches

I was working on a list of frugal lunches for Down to Earth and decided to post here also.

Some of My cheap lunch options:

Vegetables and dip/salad dressing. I bought a storage dish set that has small containers just perfect for holding small amounts of dressing, peanut butter or sandwich spread.

Peanut butter and apple slices or pear slices. Protein and fruit and your mouth sticking together with peanut butter pretty fun stuff.

leftover Frittata. I've eaten at room temp and they are pretty good

pizza - most children (and adults) love pizza. Make your own at home and make it good aka healthy and cheap.

Along the same lines of Lunchables: lunch meats, cheese slices and crackers, pita bread, wraps and they assemble the food themselves. Even cheese and crackers without the meat would be great.

I remember a friend in high school that was Jewish and during passover did not eat bread. She brought peanut butter and special unleavened crackers for lunch and we were envious. Do the same thing peanut butter and crackers make for fun sandwiches.

You can also use those small scraps of meat and cheese to make a great Chef salad.

And the ever popular leftovers.

Some helpful hints that I tend to forget.
Use the plastic bag inside your cereal carton to put your sandwiches in for your lunch.

Fill old plastic drinks bottle with filtered tap water and store in your fridge as an alternative to bought bottled water. Freeze them and you can use them to keep your lunch cold until you eat. Then you can drink the thawed water also.

Thank you for reading and blessings, Laura


  1. Great Ideas, I need some new ideas with school starting back this week

  2. We love making home made Pizza!.....YUM