Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sunday as I picked up Little Man in the church nursery he grabbed his blanket. As he cuddled both the blanket and me, I was thinking about comfort. How certain fabrics (like his fleece blanket), objects or people bring you joy, peace and that feeling of contentment.
I personally find comfort under my covers. How the soft weight folds over you, wraps you in nice softness and warmth. Sometimes I hop in bed, cover up and giggle like a school girl. Psst don't tell Greg but I close off the heating vent and make the room nice and cold. What's better than a chilly room to encourage you to cover up with the soft blankets?
How about a cold room to encourage cuddling with the husband? Come on look at these shoulders, take my word for it they are great for falling asleep on for a quick nap.

Or how about cuddling with this?? Look Simba even cuddles when he is sleeping in the warm sunbeam.

Here's to many nights full of love and cuddles.
Thank you for reading and may you and yours be blessed, Laura

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