Saturday, November 24, 2012

Serene Saturday

Last week we had a few days of fog.  I went out back to snap some pictures and took this one of Miss Maple.  I wasn't sure if I should title this serene or spooky but chose serene.  I love Miss Maple not only is she beautiful in the Spring with her new green leaves.  She is beautiful in the summer with her very full body of leaves that hang over us as we sit under her.  In the Fall when those same green leaves turn red, orange and yellow and shower whoever is brave enough to sit under with the leaves.  Even in the winter her limbs are so thick that the snow collects until it can't hold anymore and then drops snowballs on us.

I hope that in your life you have a tree such as Miss Maple.

Thank you for reading and may God above bless your life, Laura

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