Thursday, June 10, 2010

The reason I buy Dawn

I am a big fan of Dawn dish soap. Not only does it clean my greasy dirty dishes but it helps wildlife. I'm not sure if all Dawn bottles will help with donations so I make sure I buy the ones that say 1 bottle = $1 to save wildlife.

2 more bottles came home with me today from Rite Aid and trust me I messed up the shelves looking for these bottles. yes I fixed them when I was done,I'm frugal not rude. But then I got to thinking P&G is losing money on me. Rite Aid sale price 99 cents - 25 cent coupon plus the 8 cents handling fee AND they donate $1 to help the animals????

Worth every penny to me and they have a loyal consumer.

Laura the animal lover


  1. Way to go! Helping the wild life is so important now esp in the Gulf coast. I thought and did the exact same thing when I bought my Dawn this week. All 15 were donated to the local food pantry and my Husban's Masonic Lodge where we cook a public breakfast once a month.

    I had quite a few coupons so it was a great haul home.


  2. Your husband is a Mason??!!!! So is my Dad and I am an Eastern Star member!!!
    Great job with the double donation - that's always a good thing.

  3. When I heard about the donations to the wildlife, I decided that from now on, Dawn will be the only dish soap that I use.