Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip to target and man I smell like Old Spice

Baby Kelly Bear took me to Target so I could get some of the awesome deals that I saw posted. Thank you Baby bear its always fun shopping with you.

Transaction #1
Glade Air & Fabric spray Manufacturer and Target coupons = 49 cents
Scrubbing Bubbles Extend Spray times 2 used Manufacturer and Target coupons. This was a funny deal I had a $3 and $5 manufacturer coupon plus the $3 target coupon. The register took off the whole $8 for the one set of coupons - the product was $6.99 each.
2 Tide sample sizes - manufacturer coupon = 62 cents each
3 Sure deorderant - manufacturer coupon $1.50 = 47 cents each AND one of them has the Try me Free sticker (Kelly saw that one and dug it out for me)
2 Ziploc canisters (packs of 4) - manufacturer coupon and Target coupon = 39 cents each. Work great for putting up food in my freezer.
Kleenix hand towels - manufacturer coupon and Target coupon = 99 cents
Sobe waters 10/$10 and when you bought ten you got a $5 gift card. Used several BOGO coupons that I have found on the web in the last week and also spent the past 3 days playing the SOBE instant win game.
I bought 12 using 6 BOGO coupons plus 4 Target 50 off one coupons so total $4 and then I got a $5 gift card

Then the reason I smell like Old Spice. I went cause the deal was buy 3 get $5 gift card or buy 6 and get $10 gift card. So I had enough coupons to buy 6 and get the $10 gift card. so 6 bodywash = $21.24 - 3 BOGO coupons $10.62 = $10.62 - $10 gift card = 6 body wash for 62 cents.

Total before coupons nearly $65 after coupons = $18.56 - minus the $15 in gift cards = $3.56 total. The refund for the Sure is $1.97.

Then so I wouldn't forget them I used $10 in gift cards right then.
Transaction #2
6 pack underwear
Altoids smalls (had to get over $10)
Visine Red eye relief - manufacturer coupon and a refund for purchase price
Total for all 3 = $10.86 used a $10 gift card and $1 cash
The refund price for the Visine is $3.64

Thank you for reading and blessings to you, Laura


  1. What a great shopping week. Well done. I wish we had a Target close by to us :(...

    I used our Old Spice coupons a couple of weeks ago at CVS...BOGO but didn't end up with as nice of a deal as you did...Doesn't it smell nice? Some think it smells like old men, but I enjoy the classic smell...

  2. Oh I agree about the smell.