Monday, June 21, 2010

Shopping plans for week of June 21st.

Sorry folks I haven't had much to post about between being sick and to hot in this room I've just been speachless.

This week is a cheap spending week so here is what I have planned so far.

Rite Aid
Motrin PM $3 with $3 upreward = FREE (one of my favorite words) plus I had $3 manufacturer coupons so I made a profit on each one. I did the deal 3 times.

Simplify toilet paper 4 packs for 99 cents
1 Big pack Tic Tacs (had to get over the $4 for the upreward and they were right by the register)
minus $4 upreward from 2 weeks ago = $1.26

Total for all this around $2 thanks to tax. And I have $9 in uprewards and 2 - $2 rebate checks to use next week.

Walgreen's I have 2 - $2 register rewards to use this week.
Plan is to buy a pack of toilet paper that is one sale for $4.79 plus a small cheap filler (to equal out the reward/product ratio). Should be right around $1 total.


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