Sunday, August 1, 2010

July freebies

July freebies adding to the list of freebies I will also mark down anything that I get for free from the stores, by mail or any person that gives me something.
coupon bogo fire ring
2 - 16 ct Stayfree pads
tube of Crest Pro-health toothpaste
Sobe BOGO coupon
Crystal Light Pur samples plus 3-$2 coupons from Vocalpoint
Purina Pro life dog food sample plus coupon (Simba the cat is NOT impressed)
16 oz bottle BBQ sauce
2 coffeemate sticks 20 ct
gal of Clorox bleach
sample Old WI sausage snack
Bounty $2 coupon
10 stamps Quadreaders
single load Tide detergent
tube of Cover girl mascara and coupons (Bzagent)
sample Propel water mix
Black & Mild smoking jacket t-shirt
Bi-monthly Taste of Home magazine (1 year free with cookbook purchase)
20 oz Diet Coke (Kmart contest)
2 Reach toothbrushes
tube Colgate toothpaste
2-3 pks Rite Aid scotch tape
3 Lady Speed stick
TN Pride sausage gravy
3 Kitten chow bags
Ace sportswrap


  1. Great list. I lost track last month but I know my list wasn't that long. Looks like some nice things there.

    I hit CVS this week for the sales. Some nice deals on first aid supplies, and just in time too ours were a bit low. :)