Thursday, August 19, 2010

The sad decline of our garden

Its sad but the garden is coming to an end. The tomatoes still have some green and varying shades of red on them. The cabbage are rather small. The crowder peas are still growing and doing well. The lettuce and cucumbers are gone. The collard greens are growing kind of slow but still growing. The broccoli is growing but I am not getting any heads, the same thing happened last year. I wonder if its just too hot for it to flower??

Can you guess what this mess is???? How about watermelon gone wild, green peppers fighting to survive and somewhere the collard greens are in there also. We learned an important lesson this year - the watermelon needs it own plot. Yeah without trying hard I won the battle to expand the garden for next year!!! Greg wants to put the watermelon in its own plot and I'm working on a second place to put more crowder beans in.

We are very happy with the garden, except the broccoli. So far the 15 tomato plants have produced a wonderful display of canned tomatoes!!! And I am not done yet!!!

How did your garden grow this year? where you able to put in one? any idea what's up with my broccoli?

Thanks for reading and blessings, Laura


  1. Your garden looks terrific Laura even at the height of your heat. Our broccoli won't head up in the heat. What are crowder beans?

  2. Crowder beans are black eyed peas.