Friday, October 29, 2010

Bartering with my Dad

My dad asked me to help him close out his old business this week. I was unemployed and my Dad helps me so much that I was quite happy to say sure. Today was day 2 of 3 days and man oh man that father of mine works like a dog. Of course watching him at his age (he's only 64 not old really) makes me work just as hard. But honestly he keeps thanking me for helping and I am having a blast!!! Here are some of my efforts
I have no idea what these things are but they sure were fun to play with. Good thinkg you can't see how dirty my hands are - they looked like I had been playing in mud puddles.

I was thinking about buying this set from him but changed my mind.

But I am taking this set

See the empty shelves and the full boxes? I emptied the shelves and all those boxes are paper to be recycled.

Oh and the bartering part? he has already given me an 8 ft ladder that I needed. :)

Thanks for reading and blessings, Laura

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