Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy weekend

Wow what a weekend. Yesterday our Eastern Star chapter had its annual installation. My Stepmom and Dad were installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron, in a nutshell they will lead the Chapter. As I had been hoping to enter nursing school I did not accept an office, I'll be a protem.

Then at church today Miss P was alone (Mr W is out of town with his parents) so we had a tea party and we did crafts!!! The tea party is fun I just sit on the floor and tell her no ketchup in my tea please. She dumps some in anyways. But today she spotted some glue in our cupboard and wanted to make a picture. Beautiful words to my ears!!! so we got some pretty construction paper, some foam pieces and went to work. Next week we will do something with feathers.

Then tonight, while I was on the computer earlier I heard thunder (yippee!!!) and had to go outside to check it out. We all know that I love thunderstorms and this one was beautiful. It knocked out our electric for about 10 minutes. At first the storm was just a little thunder boomer but it got worse. I just grabbed my camera, the flashlight, a towel (for cover the rain was blowing on me) and sat on the steps to enjoy Mother Nature's show. I only took 1 picture the others would have been the same as I posted before.



  1. Congrats to your stepmom and dad!

  2. So does that mean you were/are a jobie? I wasn't but my mum was and I went out with a demolay for two years and was engaged to him... thats so funny, a jobie!! Love it!

  3. No not a jobie i was a Rainbow Girl.