Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can you hear the music??

The woods across the field from our home.

Miss Maple - I was trying to show how her colors have started to change

And I don't mean music from the usual sources.

I can hear the crackling of the fire, the planes overhead, the crunch of something (we hope are deer) in the woods, the neighbor 6 doors down talking around their fire. Of course Greg & I talking with our new neighbors around our fire.

The wind gently blowing through the woods, the squirrels in our apple tree then they head across the electric lines to the roof our home, the kids playing in the field. Little LaLa (the neighbor girl across the street) singing her combination of 4 different nursery rhymes. Greg breaking up the fallen branches from Miss Maple.

Sometime just sit quietly and listen to the music that God provides.

Blessings, Laura
This man pulled out of McDonald's with his lunch and chose to sit under the tree to enjoy it.

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  1. Beautiful description! I like that kind of "music" too!