Sunday, October 31, 2010

October freebies

Wow what a great month for free stuff

October freebies
Kroger coupons (no freebies)
2 packets of Star Kist Tuna
5 cans of Meow Mix cat food
3 boxes Totinos Pizza Rolls
8oz block of Philadelphia cream chees (Kroger kick off game)
coupons from my regular trader
coupon for free tub of Cottenelle wipes
10 postage stamps from Quadreaders
coupon enveleope from a coupon train
2 pink ducks from Race for cure
coupon train envelope
1 can Meow Mix cat food
coupon for free bottle of Advil (20 or 24 count)
$3 Pincone survey payment
$100 Home Depot gift card (turned in checking acct points)
single use Wisk (Costco sample)
trial size crest for kids toothpaste
3 Gain dish detergent
3.5 oz Wonka bar (Kroger game win)
Large Bag Doritos
packet Taco seasoning
coupon envie from train
contest win socks from No Nonsense
$10 gc WalMart (turned in Mypoints points)
coupon for free can Pringles Extreme (facebook)
Visine rebate check
Johnsonville Deli bites sample
coupon envie from train
$3 Pinecone payment
$5 Amazon code (swagbucks)
free can of Wolf chili (kroger coupon)
$1 off coupon Kandoo wipes
Vaselline hand lotion sample
Zebra pen - looks like for a teenage girl very cute
Sure for women rebate check
Shout color catcher sample
8 ft ladder
6 ft storage shelves
circular saw
pair of socks (forgot name of them and the promotion)

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