Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Summer post

Storm Damage July 21

Had a terrific storm this evening. Clouds rolled in and it got very dark and scary. I did try to sit out on the patio but even this storm watcher got scared. The lightening seemed to be very low and loud and I was hiding under a metal awning. I did gather some sense and decide to watch the storm from the inside of the front door instead of the patio. Of course my sidekick (Simba) was right there watching the storm.

The wind and rain were magnificent – I love a good storm. I was wishing that my camera would be able to capture the bands of rain as they fell in one direction but then have the wind grab them and throw everything in the opposite direction.

We had very little damage in the garden – the beans (all of the various types) did do some moving and blowing but nothing was damaged and we lost no produce.

I did notice 1 large branch in the backyard and assumed it fell from Miss Maple. Later Greg and I were sitting out back enjoying the break in humidity and temperature and were talking about Miss Maple. We decided to clean up the branch and we checked Miss Maple to see how badly she was damaged. We couldn’t find any damage on the old girl. Then we looked at the bark of the branch, it wasn’t from Miss Maple. The branch came from a tree at the middle of the back field – 50 feet away from Miss Maple.

We also noticed that another large part of another tree was broken and is hanging on to the rest of the tree. One thing I find amazing is how some trees can appear to be healthy and get damaged in storms but others that are obviously dead or sick get no apparent damage.

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