Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pioneer pockets

I was trying to gather the green beans and peas from the garden. It was really bothersome to pick a few and then have to find my bowl and drop them in it. So I was looking for my apron (it has huge pockets) but couldn’t so I found a Pioneer Pocket that a friend sent me a couple years ago. I had no idea when I received them what I would really use them for.

Check out how handy these are!!! I was able to gather the green beans from 2 of the plants instead of part of one plant. Pioneer pockets; cute and perfectly suited for the gardening needs


  1. Laura, that is such a great use for those! I have been pretty busy lately, but owe you an e-mail soon. Oh, and I'm jealous that you are getting that many beans out of your garden. Everything except my basil is looooong gone.- Laura p.s. still cannot leave a post here unless I do it as anonymous.

  2. Hi Laura the great number of beans make up for the lack of tomatoes. I don't know whats wrong with blogger.