Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Product review Provident Pantry Products

As many long time readers of my blog may remember that about a year ago I started prepping for emergencies.   I wanted to let everyone know what I think of 3 products that I have bought and tried.

First and second are the Provident Pantry Beef and Chicken gravy mixes.  The reason I bought them was frankly my gravies need help.  I tried the Beef first and it turned out so well.  I made beef and noodles with it.  Wonderful flavor and texture (ie no lumps),  the second the chicken gravy did not turn out so well.  The flavor was ok but very salty.  But the problem I had “flow” the Chicken was not.  It did not firm up to good gravy.  I even tried it a second time double checking my measurements.

Product 3 is the Provident Pantry TVP Bacon bites.  This one made me feel so stupid TVP bacon bits.  Now I admit that I had no idea what Textured Vegetable Protein was but it was bacon!!!  Greg and I love our bacon.  Well imagine my surprise when I opened the package and saw what we call Bacos.  Yep those things you see on the grocery shelf to use for salads.   Once I got over the shock and the laughing they are ok, I am using them in my salads.  I did use some the other day in Wilted Lettuce (also called Sweet & Sour lettuce).  I didn’t have the real bacon so I heated up some bacon grease, added the TVP to gather some bacon flavor and made the dressing.  It turned out pretty well I will do that again most likely for dinner tonight.

Now I buy my products from Emergency Essentials; www.beprepared.com.  Or even easier look to the upper right see their button?  Takes you right there.  I get nothing from this promoting and there are other companies that you can buy the same products from.  I just happen to like Emergency Essentials.  Very easy website, great people on the phone and great workers in the shipping department.

I’ll use future blog entries to share what all I have stored for emergencies.

Thank you for reading and may you remain blessed, Laura

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