Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Its a good thing

that I like to take cool baths (or swims in my porcelain pool as I call it) when its hot. Our water heater broke 3 days ago - eerrrrrr that is another angry subject.

Heating water for dishes is easy (and so is ordering out or carry out) but I gave up trying for hot water to wash my hair or myself.

So Greg (have I mentioned that I love him and his frugalness?) arranged for it to get fixed for $20 tomorrow.

So I will be getting out of the house and going shopping while they are repairing the tank.

Blessings and enjoy your hot shower/bath.


  1. Water heaters -- grrr! But it sounds like a frugal fix.

  2. Oh Rose it was so much a frugal fix - the guy didn't charge us!!! turns out that it was a wiring problem and some wire short circuited. I'm calling my Uncle to come check the wiring I just don't trust it.