Thursday, July 29, 2010

KMart & Rite Aid shopping

You know I was thinking maybe I should take the shopping cart with me but oh no I didn’t think I would need it. I give up that bad boy is going with me from now one.

13x9 cake pan (I don’t have one mine was larger)
pair of womens dress shoes
12 pk washcloths
3 prs of men’s lounge pants

After leaving the store I found out that the pants that were on mark down were marked down from the sticker price!!! I paid between $2.50 and $4.50 for them. 2 pairs are for Greg to replace some of his well worn ones and I am saving 1 pair for part of Sam’s Christmas gift. And if I had a ride I would be going back to get rest that were on the rack!!!

Rite Aid
20 oz Mug’s diet root beer
2 packs of M&JM’s
2 Reach toothbrushes (used BOGO coupon, SCRebate and got 2 $1 up rewards) = $1 profit
Act 2 microwave popcorn $1 – 40 coupon
Soft Soap 7.5 oz $1 – 50 cent coupon
Listerine (Did you know that those bottles gain 10 pounds for every step you take with them?) $5.49 - $2 upreward
Ace sports wrap $3.99 - $4 in-ad coupon = free
2 – 3 packs Rite Aid brand scotch tape $3.49 each – BOGO store sale - $3.00 SCRebate = 6 rolls for 49 cents. (Christmas is coming up)
Legg’s Nylons (ugh full price but the only ones that fit me nicely) $4.49
Cortizone ointment (another full price ugh but Greg prefers this kind) $5.49
2 jump ropes $1.00 each (supposed to be 25% off and I will call about them and for Christmas shoeboxes)

and used a $5 off $25 total coupon
oop $30.20
-$7.00 in uprewards
-$11 in single check rebates
final out of pocket will be $12.20


  1. Good job. Was your K-mart stocked up? Mine is always bare. I got a bunch of the act II popcorn!

  2. yes for once they (both Kmart & Rite Aid) were stocked up. Thank you for reading.

  3. Laura--first time to read your blog--I love it! I am so glad to find someone who also shops at K-Mart. I have found some fabulous deals there over the past few years! Mary