Friday, July 23, 2010

Storm last night

AH it was beautiful thunder, lightening and tornado warnings and all. Yeah you all know I was the crazy one outside AFTER the sirens went off. Don't worry I checked and the possible junk was south of me and not coming my way. Although I am probably safer outside than inside my mobile home!!!

I'm hoping the pictures turn out for you. One is the downspout - I love to watch the water pour out and then down the little stone alley we made for it.

Another of how the water runs down the road to the drain kind of like a mini river.

More storms coming tonight - I'll be safe I promise.



  1. Sirens? Is this for the tornado warning? How lovely to have all that rain. Have a great weekend.

  2. Yes we have sirens that sound when you have tornado warnings. And a warning can be called without actual sighting they go by the radar signature.

    Have a good one also Rose.

  3. I do the same thing, I'll go outside and watch after I check the radar online to make sure I'm not in the path of the storm.

    Glad you are safe, I live in a mobile home too. We have a shelter here, but I will not use it; it's full of spiders, and I am more afraid of spiders than I am of tornadoes. Plus, if there's heavy rain, it gets about ankle deep in water. And by the time I got my two cats in the carriers to bring with me, the storm would be over anyway. If there is a warning I have to worry about, the kitties and I just shut ourselves in the bathroom, where there are no window.