Monday, July 26, 2010

Spent the day at a local park

The sign of the park
See the white rock in front of the bridge? Thats the sacred meeting place for the local Indians.
See the birds in the middle of the river? They are standing on a sand bar.

Just a sign telling about a rock that is in the middle of the river.

The view of the river from the back door of the shelter house.

another back door view but that is a kayaker - there were 4 in the river.

The front of the shelter house.

The group of people we had. They were teasing me about taking pictures. They kept teasing Did you take the picture? Did you take the picture? I ignored them and when i walked away I heard my Dad - "I guess that means yes." Everyone got a good laugh.

Yesterday my Dad, stepmom and I had a picnic to attend. It was held at one of my favorite parks. Its an old park (started in 1930) and is along a slow and lazy part of the Maumee River.

The shelter house that we rented was built by the WPA program during and just after the Great Depression. Here is a link to a site telling about the program. And I musst say that these buildings were built so well that many of them are in regular use (at our zoo) to this day.

The view from the back of the shelter house is beautiful. What I just realized yesterday is that this river flows many miles from start until it reaches Lake Erie. The part right here by the park is so shallow that you can see the rocks at the bottom of the river. But just a mere 5 miles downriver the river is deep enough for lake freighters to come into our ports!!

I hope you enjoy this view of one of my favorite parks.



  1. Great pictures Laura! I just called Tony in to have a look at the ones of the bridge. Thanks for sharing.