Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to the jungle - garden update


Friends I swear our garden just sprouted up overnight!!! Seriously look at what is outside our backdoor.

15 tomato plants all with tomatoes of various sizes and ripeness. But Greg did warn me to get the jars ready. So far we have 5 on the kitchen table ready for eating so I figure that I could can 3 of them.

See the cucumber plant?? Its been staked up 5 times and has given up 2 cucumbers so far. Every green pepper plant has at least 1 pepper and I see one that I am about ready to take off.

The crowder peas and the collard greens are doing nicely.

And the watermelon or cantaloupe is trying very hard to take over the garden. I did see a pretty yellow flower on it today so hopefully we will have some nice fruit soon.

The garlic is about ready for harvest. We have followed the guides and stopped watering it. Now it sits for 2 weeks to dry and then we can harvest it.

We have been very blessed with a fruitful garden this year.

Blessings, Laura


  1. Your garden is beautiful, I am so jealous! My tomatoes are done til fall since they never seem to tolerate the heat well. Right now I'm getting peppers and herbs still. Will make refrigerator pickles (get cucumbers at farmers market) and hopefully freestone peaches. Please post about what you are harvesting and canning!!

  2. Laura I'm laughing because according to the weather geeks its as hot here as it is in San Antonio.

    I'm also heading to the farmers market for pickling cukes for pickles.

  3. No offense, but I think your weather geeks are on crack, lol..