Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Resolution review

Its that time of year again, what to do about the coming new year? I guess I have to start with a review of my 2010 goals

make your own bread - did but not on a regular basis.
dehydrate some food - didn't do unless you count the parsley and celery leaves
Can more food(pressure canning) - well I did can.preserve more food but no pressure canning.
Cooking more from scratch - I've done this and I hope that I have made us happier, healthier people.
expand the garden(it will almost double) - yep did that and it will grow again this year
grow & use herbs - grew 2 different ones Chives (which I do use) and Lavender (that I didn't use)
buy local (looking for a co-op for next summer)- couldn't find a co-op since we don't drive but I did buy more from the Farmers Market.
Improve my blog - I keep trying I may have to hire my son or my nephew to change anything :)
Do some volunteer work - didn't do the amount that I wanted to
Organize a home diary - its an on-going work in progress but put it this way if our home is blown away by a tornado I have an emergency bag packed that I stuff my purse in and grab with me. Greg laughs at me when they mention Tornado watch and I grab the bag and put it in the bathroom but hey I am prepared.

So I guess I did pretty good, I'm happy with what I did.

Come back tomorrow and hopefully I will figure out what to do for 2011.

Blessings, Laura

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