Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frugal bee today

Today has been a very frugal day for me. First I am sitting around the house in the dark. I am only turning on lights when I need to read something or like now when I need to be able to see my keyboard.

Tonight I have an Eastern Star meeting and I volunteered for refreshments. Pumpkin bars made with a marked down Halloween cake mix, a free can of pumpkin and free walnuts. Granted I paid for the remaining ingredients but not much just a couple eggs, some milk and spices.

Then for the same meeting we are collecting toys, gloves and hats for lower income families. So knowing this was coming up 3 weeks ago when they (the games) were on sale at work I bought 5 different games, used my employee discount (gotta love that!) and then mailed in the rebate for them.

The gloves were bought on sale for 49 cents a pair at KMart.

Trying to think of more ways to be frugal tomorrow.
Blessings and thank you for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Great deal on the gloves...I know the kiddos will love those games (still some of my favorites).