Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So what can you buy with 50 cents?

I bought a new microwave.

I paid 50 cents cash and $65.95 in Amazon gift codes. I like to turn in my reward program points for Amazon gift codes. So I had 3 codes (2 worth $5 from Swagbucks and one worth $10 from Freeride). Then Coinstar (the green change counting machine) ran a deal if you turned in $40 in coins (or dollars) you got a $10 code for your choice of like 10 different places. One of them happened to be Amazon.com. We had been saving our change in a big Planters plastic canister for a couple of years plus we added some extra change to make sure we were at $40.

Just a mere 4 days before this started we found out that we needed a new microwave. So here is what 50 cents bought us.


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