Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with Greg, Sam, AJ, Kelly and Tom

Some of my gifts the kids gave me a new grocery cart, this one has a security shelf that will put a shelf between my bags and the open air.

Tom's gift a new t-shirt called Ghostbusters. I used a gift certificate that earned from one of my reward programs and paid like $3 for it. It was a hit.

The new couple shot - he tickled me just as Kelly took the picture.

My candy dish brought out the fun of the party. What do you get when you eat a handful of sour candy?

Only a face a mother could love :)

Its been my tradition to enjoy a special Christmas get together with my very special people. This year I served finger foods (that I must have missed taking a picture of), a deli tray with ham and turkey with cheeses and crackers, homemade brownies, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, and a beef and onion cheeseball. And at Greg's suggestion I served the sausage stars that I had made for dinner the night before.

I hope that your Christmas was as nice as mine.

Blessings, Laura

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  1. I had a nice Christmas too!
    That sour candy reminds me of a gift I got for my birthday years ago, when my best friends two kids were small. They are my "adopted" niece and nephew. They had a birthday party for me at their house, and Thomas and Tara gave me a big container of gum balls. I said I'd have one later, but they looked at me with said faces and said "Aunt Shari, you have to try one now!" they had such sad faces when they said that, I just had too! Looking back, I should have been suspicious that part of the label was torn off, LOL! They turned out to be sour gumballs! And my friend of course snapped a picture of me making a face when I tasted one.