Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preparing our house for an emergency

I’ve been watching several TV episodes about “Preppers”. If you’re unfamiliar with these people, they prepare themselves for a world collapse of almost any sort. I actually understand their thought process as I expect some sort of another Great Depression similar to 1929’s.

Preppers have hidden or some not so hidden at least a one year supply of everything needed to survive for their group/family unit.

My stockpile is so low after the hardships of the last 2 years (unemployment or underemployment) that I doubt that Greg & I could survive for 2 weeks. That has me worried not only for a years survival but what about this coming winter?

So many thoughts keep going thru my head –
What do we need to do?
How/where to start?
Where can I hide everything?

Well I have some thoughts on those matters. Storage we each have a closet in our bedroom – we can put things at the bottom under the hanging clothes. We need to be careful in Greg’s - his has the hot water heater that we must maintain access to.
Under our bed – we can put small containers like wrapping paper holders. I bet 6 of those could fit under the bed. Personally I am curious how many flat rolls of toilet paper will fit in one of those.
Under our trailer – plastic bins again to keep the dampness out
Our shed – needs cleaning but will hold stuff.

Next we need to figure out how many we will/can we provide for? Obviously we have us plus Simba. What about my brother Tom (he’s a special case) and if we provide for him how can I not provide for AJ & Kelly. What about the rest of the family – should I really be expected to provide for all? Tough choice there.

I was given a link to the LDS preparedness manual. Wonderful book, very thorough and includes biblical verses to back up the thought process. I think instead of printing all 222 pages I may find a hard copy of the book. I’ve read parts for 3 days now and know that I would often read thru the book over the coming years.

So to start I’ll clean out my closet – only has 4 boxes in it so easy work. And just start buying as I can. I’m going to focus on food and tools, a major first aid kit, backpacks, hunting/food gathering equipment, flashlights (need them anyways) and batteries.

This will be an ongoing process but at least I feel I have a starting point.


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