Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Product review

Who – Velveeta cheesy shells. Barbeque chicken flavor
What – 1 pot meal
Why – Well 2 reasons; #1 easy meal for one of us to make. #2 Hello its Velveeta!!
Cost – ($1.75 at Walmart) and then there was a 75 cent off coupon in the box.
Thoughts – very easy to make, everything but the chicken is in the box. I used canned chicken instead of cook me chicken. I also added BBQ sauce – just wasn’t enough for our liking.
Results – I will buy again for those I am to tired to cook nights. I actually got 4 $1 coupons that I used today to buy 4 additional boxes. 2 of these went into my long term storage I did buy 1 can of chicken for one of the boxes but the other uses ground beef.

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