Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Freebies from the grocery store

After couponing for 11 years I have seen many things. Like the years of reading ads asking for free coupons so someone could have a free shopping trip. I personally have never done that but it did sound curious. Well yesterday I gathered all my free item coupons - just to get them out of my hair before I lost them. Should have seen me walking around Kroger binder on the cart, pink glasses perched on my nose, holding coupons in one hand and my shopping list in the other. Not to mention that I was damp and severely windblown.

I got with my free coupons:
Oscar Meyer select hot dogs - holy smokes these cost $4.49 for 10!!! They were on sale at 2 for $5.
Bulls eye BBQ sauce
Doz large eggs (Kroger coupon from last mailing)
Yo-crunch yogurt (catalina coupon)
Kraft cheese explosion mac & cheese

then I also got free a 1 pad of U by Kotex in a metal holder. I think this holder will be a nice addition to my purse (know what I mean?) Get this last week they sold at Giant Eagle for $1.99. Free after coupon but I'm still kicking myself for paying that original price!!!!

I still have 1 catalina for a free can of cat food. I held off since his royal highness is not eating his canned food.

it was fun watching the coupons all come off the total and seeing free coupon ont he tape.


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