Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lowe's finds

Our neighbor Bill took us to the grocery store but first we had to hit the Big 3 of Home Improvement stores (Menard's, home Depot and Lowe's). Around here they are cfalled the Big Boys toy stores - why??? This Big Girl loves Home Depot.

Well today Laura felt the "love" of Lowe's. I was wandering around the Nursery and garden center (its time to buy tomatoes and peppers) and found some great deals. They had these containers (you see the side along the left side of the picture) on clearance for 50% off. So I bought 3 - I need them for my herbs that I am about to start. So as I was heading out these called my name - I heard it I swear!!!! I only have 2 Hens & chicks and they are not sprouting any chicks so I guess I have 2 hens. No one I know is willing to share thiers so I had to buy these. Besides that they are RED!!!! And look how big she is!!! Beautiful!!!

Its called Red heart hens & chicks.


1 comment:

  1. What a great find. I found aloe last fall for 50 cents a pot. They were in nice 6" round clay pots to boot.

    Have a great weekend!