Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun day

I met a new couponing friend today. We met at Waffle House for talking and coffee after showing her my binder (she is using an organizer) and trading coupons we hit Rite Aid.

I was impressed she did 3 orders while I only did one. Her and her husband dropped me off at Walgreen's after we were done there. Total haul:
Rite Aid
2 Cover Girl eye shadow = free
2 Cover Girl lipstick/gloss = free
2 BListex (had to get over $25)
2 Kotex liners = 50 cents
Eos lip balm = 99 cents after SCR

Out of pocket $3.70 - $2 rebate check for March = $1.70
PLUS the $2 SCR for the lip balm = profit

2 Irish Springs body wash = $1.44 – 50 cent mc on each PLUS $2 RR for each (Did 2 orders) = profit
2 Nivea women’s body wash $5.49 - $3 mc = $2.49
Plus since I went over $15 I got $5 RR
2 Sure deorderant $1.50 - $1.00 mc = 2 for $1.00
20 oz Diet Coke $1.59
2 bags of chips (needed for dinner but they were on sale) = $5.00
2 boxes Kashi Heart to Heart cereal used raincheck 2 for $4 and 2 Vocalpoint coupons for $1.50 off each = 2 for $1.00
Out of pocket $9.37 BUT I got back $8 in RR = $1.37

Putting everything in a box for my upcoming yard sale – priceless 


  1. Great trip. I had some of those same deals ready for this week, but something came up and it ended up being a no shopping week...Aw' well the sale flyers will be out again in a few days.

    So I have been saving my receipts but haven't found out yet what I am supposed to be doing with them...

  2. I don't usually save my receipts. Most of the time when there is a rebate you have to purchase during a special time frame so usually old receipts won't work. Then you also usually need the proof of purchase so you end up buying the object again anyways.

    And I understand no spend weeks. They upset me even if I can't go and just spend 2 or 3 dollars.