Monday, January 11, 2010

$16 a month meat challenge - January 2010

Ok small secret here my husband and I are on Food stamps. During the recent recertification (done yearly) we were alloted $16 a month for assistance. I admit I was not very grateful at first but I said thank you and accepted the help. Even the caseworker got a laugh when I said good thing I know how to use my coupons isn't it? After a couple hours I got to thinking just what good that $16 is and made a list. Well I am starting a monthly series of what good that $16 is. This month I bought a boneless ham for $15.89 as close to $16 that I could get. I paid $1.99 per pound and it weights 7.98 pounds.Ham & egg quiche (1/2 cup)
Pizza for 2 meals (1/2 cups each)
Ham & potato or bean soup (1 cup)
Button Ham biscuits for 2 meals (1/4 cup each) These are side dishes and new recipe
Amish farmer breakfast (1/2 cup) New recipe but it looks like a big omelet with potatos in it also.
Now all the meat for those meals has been chopped and in is a container in the freezer. I'm thinking I can reach in and dish out the amount I have specified.
In addition the following for main courses:
2 slices for Apple Sauced ham slices (dinner last night and another new recipe). The picture and recipe for that will get posted tomorrow - it was so yummy!!!!
6 slices have been cut and wrapped in packages of 2.
2 lbs for Apricot baked ham (another new recipe and there could well be another meal from the leftovers but I am not counting it)
1 pound will get ground up for ham balls (new recipe)
2 slices are in the refrigerator for lunches (the oops I goofed cutting slices).

Now if I have everything counted right and listed right that is 15 meals from 8 pounds of ham.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you will follow this challenge.

Blessings to you and yours.


  1. You are innovative but that is what is needed when things are tight
    have a great day

  2. Laura, that sounds great so far! I have been craving ham since Thanksgiving, now I may have to give in! P.s. can you post the recipe for the ham balls when you get to it?

  3. When the going gets tough, the tough get going - so the saying goes. Wow, that is really well thought out. I'd love the recipe for the ham balls too, when you get to it. Thanks linpin