Thursday, January 14, 2010

After Christmas shopping

My one and only after Christmas shopping trip for 2010. I went to Michael’s for some scrapbook paper not even thinking that they would still be offering any Christmas stuff. My lucky day!! I got the following:
A big huge drum basket (80% off) - $2.19
2 different sheets of scrapbook paper – 41 cents each
A big huge spool of ribbon (15 yards 70% off) - $1.59
Small spool of blue ribbon – 99 cents
Santa glove (I thought it was a stocking and 70% off) – 99 cents
Holiday stickers (I’m thinking I’ll use them either for scrapbooking or for a Christmas card next year) – 44 cents
3 different animal things – 2 were 13 cents and the other was 15 cents. Unsure what to call them they don’t hang nor do they have posts to plant them somewhere

My justification for buying these is as follows (although Greg did not ask) the animals things and 15 yards of ribbon are in the bucket for my mom’s wreath next year. The scrapbook paper well I went for travel paper (for the San Antonio pictures) so I got one garden theme and the lovey dovey ones are for our wedding pictures. The stickers and the blue ribbon are for cards or scrapbooking (you can always use little do dads right?). And the basket well how can you say this cause I wanted it - it is so cute!!!

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