Sunday, January 31, 2010

The great recipe hunt

Have you ever looked for a recipe but couldn’t find it? I had one of those experiences this past week. I want Chinese food – real Chinese food not Magic Wok Chinese food.

I told my Stepmom I know I have a recipe for it. (Have you all seen the picture of all my cookbooks?) At that time I thought I knew which cookbook had it. I was wrong . UGLY PICTURE WARNING!!!
So that leads to this idea. Since I go thru each new cookbook and put a Post It on the page of any potential recipe I’ll write them down and post it on the front of the cover!!! How smart is that?! I’ve done 5 so far.
This is expanding my cooking since I keep finding new recipes that appear good, cheap and wholesome for my family.

By the way yes I found the recipe it was in the fourth book I looked in.

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