Monday, January 4, 2010

Coupons for the New year

Truthfully I am finding it hard to mix my couponing with the more natural , homemade part of my life. No longer are the same old processed foods appealing – I enjoy making my own biscuits. The Pillsbury items have been sticking to the wrapper lately and they get messed up anyway.

There are still some things that I need to buy that I am using my coupons for. Although I may not eat the Rice A Roni anymore I still buy it for church or potluck needs. Every Wednesday I attend the potluck at church and the monthly Food Sunday donations. In addition now my Sunday School class will be sending care boxes to our military church members stationed overseas once a month. We will also be having at least one garage/yard sale this summer.

So being that yesterday was the first real set of coupon inserts for 2010 I was excited to get home from church. Greg had the papers sitting on the foot of the bed in their usual spot. I briefly glanced at the front page (didn’t want to appear too anxious) and then tore into the ads to pull out the inserts. Big huge week 5 inserts!!! And I had Greg buy 3 papers.

So I start pulling the coupons and then the necessary ads out, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid and Krogers. Greg says how are the coupons? I reply not very good, I don’t see some that I want and the others are disappointing. So I put them aside for later.

Jump ahead a few hours as I start to look thru the inserts – hey these don’t look so bad. I start clipping the ones that I will use; they go in a pile. I also cut the ones that my trader friend will use (I send her coupons weekly) they go in another pile. The final pile are the remaining coupons to be saved for another day.

Just for kicks I added up the coupons that I cut for us - $69.89 worth. And that did not take into account any doubling so the final will be a bit higher maybe $5 or $6 if I don’t double any of the $1 coupons.

Now put into terms that anyone can understand that $69.89 will pay for one month of our home owners insurance and 1 month of Greg’s cell phone (our primary phone) all for $4 - $3 for our papers and $1 for the guy who gave Greg the ride for his paper.
Happy saving and happy frugal living once again mixed.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Sounds like some valuable time spent there to me ... it great when you can look at what it is equivalent to, what it pays for.