Monday, January 18, 2010

Awesome shopping trip at Walgreen's

Transaction # 1
3 – 12 packs Diet Pepsi
2 – 12 Pack Regular Pepsi
1 bag of Tostitos
1 jar of Tostito Cheese sauce

Pepsi was 5/$15, The chips and chip 2/$5 = $20 – the following coupons $1.00/2 Pepsi 12 packs x 2 & .55 off Tostitos and cheese sauce = $17.45

Received a $10 register reward PLUS I have a Coors rebate spend $20 and buy the 12 pack and get $10 back

I made money on this deal :)

Transaction #2
4 – Nyquil/Dayquil products @ $5.00 each = $20.00 And these were the bonus size bottles so I got 20% more free
2 Neosporin Lip health 2/$8.00
1 box of drink mix (individual packets) $1.00 (Had to get it so the coupons/item number worked out and I can send it in the next soldier box for Sunday school)

used 3 $2.00 Nyquil coupons plus a $1.50 Nyquil coupon, 2 $3.00 Neosporin lip health plus the $10 register reward from the pepsi deal = $5.50. Plus the Nyquil had a satisfaction guarantee on the bottle so I can send that in for the purchase price back ($5.00) total 50 cents

PLUS I received a $10 register reward for the Nyquil and $3 for the Neosporin.

Again a money maker :)


  1. Wow - all those additives and preservatives!
    Junk food, I would be bouncing off the ceiling after having any of that. I'm surprised that you're a Down to Earth blog reader, a site that advocates healthy, green living.

  2. Wow good shopping.

    A quick question though...If you don't like Nyquil and want a refund why did you purchase it? Or did you not no you didn't like it? I don't think I would have gotten that many if I didn't know it worked or not....I'm confused?

    Have been poking around here and finding lots of interesting things :)


  3. Thank you Karen for your post. I do like and prefer to use Nyquil/Dayquil. I did send in the guanantee but I stated that I do like and use the product but that I wish they had a formula with lower sugar and that was not so hard on my blood pressure. I look at it this way I was honest, yes I use the product but that in these times of hardship I would appreciae the refund. If they chose not to refund me that is their right and I will respect that decision. Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your comments. Blessings

  4. Hi Laura,
    Great Frugal shopping there! Way to show people how to combine coupons, save, and make money. Hope you are enjoying that free Pepsi. : )

  5. Well done Laura, a penny saved is a penny earned! Im a diet coke girl myself!