Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finding Joy

We have had no sun peeking out since Monday Jan 11, just overcast days. This is the downside of living in Toledo during the winter. You can handle the cold but no shining sun is hard to do. So here is my joy list:

Cardinals in the yard and chirping in the pine tree.

Tweet who when he wants attention clicks like he is blowing a kiss. Simba who greets you with a meow as he is hogging the heat in the living room. A husband who loves to “smuggle” you in your sleep. I in return snap pictures while he is sleeping.
My son AJ and Kelly, the joys of my life. I don’t get to see him often enough but I am happy knowing that he loves the woman he is with and she loves him. My dining room table full of fabric waiting to be cut for quilt squares. The ducky bathroom – how can you stay angry or depressed with all these lovely ducks smiling at you? No definite count but somewhere around 65 if your curious. The shadowbox that I got when my mom died. I remember decorating it with my great grandma as a young girl. The Hummel figurine was my grandmas. The Mexican donkeys that hang from a hallway window to remind me of a wonderful trip and beautiful friends.

I hope that my small measures of happiness will also provide you with happiness.

Blessings to all, Laura

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