Monday, January 25, 2010

Book review - Thrifty Cooking for Wartime

I really enjoy the challenge of sending the librarian down to the basement of the Main library. You know sometimes you find the best books down there. Thrifty Cooking for Wartime by Alice B Winn-Smith is one of those fabulous finds.

The book was written in 1942. The author created a written list of cooking “rules”. I find that these are not really rules but common sense old time housewives sharing of knowledge.
How about those end pieces off your loaf of bread? Do you eat them or do you throw them out? Do you make bread crumbs or croutons with them? Do you save your bacon grease or toss it out? Mrs Winn-Smith gives you all kinds of suggestions on how to feed your family and yet save the all important budget.

Here is one suggestion she gives a recipe for pancakes or griddle cakes as they were called. Then she gives you suggestions for possible changes such as: adding apples, banana. Changing into buckwheat cakes, corn cakes, Dollar cakes, Ham cakes, nut cakes, orange cakes, Rye cakes, sweet-milk cakes and whole wheat cakes. Such a wide array of variations and it is like that for most of the recipes in the book.

I enjoyed this book so much that it may well be placed on the purchase list. I bet I can find it on

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