Monday, February 1, 2010

Our shopping day

1 Blink tears $7.99 used a $2.00 manufacturer coupon = profit of $2 after the register rewards
1 Vitamin lip balm $1.99 FREE after the register rewards
2 Keebler Club crackers 2/$5 used 2 - $1.00 manufacturer coupons after the register rewards 2 for $1.00
3 Glade sprays 99 cents with Walgreen’s coupon. They also sell well at my yard sales.
2 Character Band Aids rain check 2/$2 used Walgreen’s coupon $2 (We got SpongeBob and Princess & the Frog)
1 Flashlight (Lost power last Friday/Saturday night and had to scramble to find the one flashlight we have) $2.00

Paid with $13.00 in register rewards and $5.04 cash. After paying we got the following register rewards: $8.00 for the Blink, $2.00 for the Club crackers, and $2.00 for the lip blam. I will also send in the final of 3 SC Johnson buy 3 items get $5.00 back refunds (the Glade Spray). The lip balm and one box of Band Aids will be put in my soldier/Christmas child/whoever needs it donation box.

Rite Aid
Blink gel tears $7.99 used a $2.00 manufacturer coupon again profit after the rebate. Blink is one of 2 brands of eye drops that I use on my very sensitive eyes.
Colgate toothpaste $2.99 - $1.00 manufacturer coupon = $1.99
Maxwell House coffee $2.50
Aero 3 insoles 3/$15 used the following coupons from the packages $2, another $2 and a $1.50 = 3/$9.50
Cottonelle toilet paper $6.49 (cheaper than the grocery store by 50 cents)
Tube of Cocoa Butter for the man of the house $1.99

I’ll submit on-line for the following rebates: Blink $7.99, Colgate $2.00, Insoles $10. I paid with my Holiday savings certificate $10, a refund check for $7.49, used the last of a gift card 46 cents and $12.16 cash. Since I found 3 other tubes of toothpaste in the basket 2 of these will be added to the donation box.


  1. Good deals on the shopping!

    I wish Walgreens still did the rebates; I liked those better than the reward program they have now.

  2. Oh I know I miss their little coupon books also. One the good side it is easier to get the freebies more and quicker. I have 2 more Blink coupons and for free lip balm I would make return trips.