Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby has a problem!!!!

Here is the baby doll that I brought home from the church nursery. It was bothering one of the workers that she had no clothes. My mission as the older adult is to find her clothes.

Here lies the problem. I found 3 onesies on clearance (good thing she doesn’t care about long sleeves during summer in Ohio) for $1.50. These are the newborn size and too big!!!

So it appears that Laura will have to get her "sew on" and do some sewing. I figure if I just remove and even out the hem she can wear it without snapping at the bottom. And a seam up the back taking in about an inch should make it fit. Oops looks like I better do a roll hem on the sleeves also.

Does anyone have a doll pattern? or will Laura be learning how to make patterns also? Please post a comment or email me.


  1. Heres some help - if I'm not too late :)

  2. Woops! We can't have a naked baby, I'm sure you will figure something out for the wee one.