Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How I am preparing for my first scrapbook crop

This Friday I will be hauling a suitcase to the nearby Micheal's (a arts & crafts store) for their monthly scrapbook crop. I am very excited but also kind of nervous. I've been scrapping for about 2 years but really consider myself a amateur. I'm sure some of the people will be really into this and then I'll feel kind of blue when I compare the finished products.

So what I have done is: emptied the rolling suitcase (it had quilting circle stuff in it). I have my current scrapbook, some paper that I want to use for my San Antonio Mission pictures, some do dads, I also am taking card paper and some do dads for making cards. I also have some other San Antonio pictures and brochures separated and ready to scrap. I think I need to add more paper to the suitcase. What I am working on is locating some online sites that have multiple pictures of the missions. When I developed the prints the processor did not keep them in order and funny all 5 sites look the same!!!

Oh mercy I have 3 1/2 hours to fill.


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