Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some good deals today at the grocery store

Kind of an interesting day today. First I forgot my shopping list - yikes!! When I got home I did well I only forgot 2 things and none were necessary for the menu this week.

The precooked bacon was 99 cents and when I checking my binder I found a 55 cents off one coupon that I just got this week from Krogers. One for 45 cents and 2 for 99 cents and they won't take any room in the freezer or the refrigerator!!

The salad dressing was (big gulp) $2.99 but I will send in for the taste guarantee. Greg was about to check me into the hospital for paying that price, I redeemed myself with the refund.

Then the Hershey's - I know I know I know- the last thing I need is to find room for 4 bags of Kisses in my freezer (or the waistline) but I now have another cheap movie ticket!!!! They were 50% off so 4 bags cost $6.00. The last time I remember the cheapest movie tickets were $7 or $8 but that was in 2006??? I figure I'll make some peanut butter blossoms (to help use up 3 jars of creamy peanut butter) and call Baby Bear. I'll also sign up to take some for social hour at church.

And by strategically planning I bought enough of the buy 10 items get a free movie ticket for another movie ticket. It is paired with the one we got last week.

Off to get everything ready to scan and mail in those deals.


  1. Can you explain what the taste guarantee is? If it something you get if you don't like the taste, I don't understand why you would buy it to begin with. If you do like the taste, it seems unethical to claim some refund by saying you don't like it.

  2. What are peanut butter blossoms? Sounds yummy! Linpin

  3. Linpin - Peanut butter blossoms are peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss added right after they come out of the oven. I'll post the recipe and pictures later in the week.

    Toria - taste guarantee's are a sticky spot in refunding. Sometimes I buy the product and honestly do not like it but sometimes I do buy the product and like it but will still send in for the guarantee. I am honest if I like it I tell them I do and still ask for the refund. Now I expect them to say "Nope you like it no refund." Fine I'm ok with that and I am only out the 44 cents for the stamp.

    It has been reported that the clearinghouses that process these types of refunds do not even send the comments to the companies. I'm not sure if that is true or not but honestly it kind of makes sense. Kraft has been making their Zesty Italian dressing for quite a few years - I believe they know that they could be the #1 seller. Also many companies will put out coupons and refunds on their product but the actual usage is very low so for them it is a possible low money losing risk. To me this particular one is a gimmick for the public to buy the dressing.

    Toria thank you for posting your comment and for reading.