Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend wrap up

I'm sorry but this past weekend just got away from me. Friday night I had the scrapbook crop. What a great bunch of ladies. I did get 2 pages done, ideas for the third page annnddddd I learned how to run the Cricut!!! I wanted Indians for the page that is in process so the instructor taught me how to cut them out. So cute but they are not done yet, just need to glue everything together. I'll post the pages and the Indians tomorrow.

Saturday just grocery shopping and I didn't feel very well. But I was able to point out the Tidy Cat litter deal to Greg and he agreed to do it Sunday for me. Silly me I bought left the coupons at home!!! Had everything else but forgot to put the coupons in my binder when they came. EVERYONE AT THE SAME TIME - Rule #2 When you get coupons in a trade put them away immediately!!!! Well I am very proud to say that Greg did 2 big deals at the store for me. First the Tidy Cat:
$5.49 for 14 lbs times 5 minus 5 $1 coupons - $3 for the Catalina for buying $25 worth of I think its Purina (but the Tidy Cat counts). the shelf price is $8.49 so we got them half price!!!!
Next deal I had a internet coupon for BOGO Lays Kettle cooked and the store had a coupon on the shelf for Buy 2 get one free Lay's chips. I hoped it would work for just paying for 1 bag and bringing home 3 bags. Now Greg is very shy and if something had gone wrong he would have been very embarrassed and upset. I was worried, I didn't want to upset him but I shouldn't have worried it worked out perfectly.

Sunday I spent the day doing church activities; usual Sunday School and service. But then one of the teams had an silent auction with a dinner and then a concert bvy 2 of our church members. For the auction I made a basket of bread - banana, pumpkin and lemon walnut. I also bought one item - a scrapbook kit. New book, 12 pages of paper Christmas theme, some do dads, some stickers and 4 markers.

Today I went to Lowes with a friend (he needed supplies and was taking me to Walgreen's) and found a gallon of paint marked as a mistint for $5!!!! Its a real pretty off white or beige and I'm hoping it will be enough to paint our bedroom. The shelf price was $16.97 and I paid $5 for it!!!!

Then we went to Walgreen's for the Stayfree, Skintimate shave gel (now I need to shave my legs), Plackers and a pack of Hawaiian Punch icees using RR from last week I paid $1!!! The Stayfree, the Skintimate and the Plackers were free after Register Rewards.

Going to chill for a bit Blessings

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